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example1Social Media Restaurant Marketing is critical in our current times! With social media restaurant marketing, a restaurant is able to put their brand info in front of thousands and thousands of people daily. There are all types of sites available to gather people, fans, or followers interested in your restaurant. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Yelp, are among the most widely used and attract well over 300 MILLION members combined.

Some of these members can not only be your potential patrons, but they also serve as your cheerleaders through viral and word of mouth marketing. Any loyal customer who likes your establishment, food, or brand, can send a message out to their list of friends or personal contacts recommending you as a reliable and superior restaurant. If that particular customer, or others for that matter, have a large following, that could be priceless as an advertising venue for your business.

example2The Pizza Experts are superb Social Media Restaurant Marketers and Viral Campaign Experts who understand how to get your restaurant seen by thousands of people, and can target a specific audience based on your criteria. It could be by location, sector, category, or any other relevant factors.

Other companies charge $500 a month for 1 post a day! We offer unlimited posts for a low monthly cost of $275. For just $275 a month you can create an unlimited stream of returning customers and new business.